Геращенко Александр Михайлович

Смарт Капитал Инвест, Генеральный директор
На фото Геращенко Александр Михайлович

From LinkedIn profile

I have two MS degree with honors: in Information Technologies and Economics, other academic awards and work experience as web developer, system administrator, and financial manager.

My recent interests lie in business consulting company Smart Capital Invest LLC, which provides services in such areas as:
- Call center management
- Sales and marketing management
- Customer relationship management
- Customer service management
- Financial management.

Financial accounting, managerial accounting, financial management, strategic and marketing management, CRM, IT, sales management


  1. Donetsk National University

         MS, Economics
         2008 – 2010

         Master's degree with honors

     2. Donec'kij Nacional'nij Tehnicnij Universitet
        MS, Information technology
        2003 – 2008

        Master's degree with honors.


        Awards: In May 2007 won national scientific contest "Professionals of the future".
        In November 2007 won national student scientific contest, provided by Ukrainian mobile operator “Kyivstar”.