Громов Сергей Леонидович

BI Consult (Би Ай Консалт), Генеральный директор

15+ years experience working in consulting industry:

  • Business strategy creation, and building a team to execute the vision;
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances;
  • Business expansions and startups;
  • Systems development and integration;

Specialties: Delivering technology leveraged businesses, analysis, dashboards, reporting, Business Intelligence, BI, QlikView, QlikTech, Qlik, Qlik Sense, Tableau, Prognoz

BI Consult is an official business-partner of QlikTech and it is specialized in Business Intelligence systems implementation based on QlikView technology. We perform the whole development cycle and implementation - from development and integration to maintenance of the existing systems. A lot of certified QlikView developers are working for our company.

Our consultants have experience in creating business analysis systems for the following sectors:

  • Oil/Gas (Gazpromneft)
  • Retail food, non-food, B2C (Magnit (Tander), Lensmaster, FC Zenit)
  • Fashion (Concept Club)
  • DIY (STD Petrovich, TD Vimos, Stroylandia)
  • e-Commerce (boutique.ru)
  • Distribution, B2B (Arla Foods, YE International, AD Master, Mitsar, Aquaart, Oltri etc)
  • Manufactoring (Mondi group, Knauf (KG Stroysystemy), Aladushkin group, Karavay, C-Project, Interstep, Zolotyie luga)
  • Transport/Logistic
  • Telecom/Provider (Peter-service, Interzet, Internest (Adriver))
  • Finance (Denga)

Our solutions:

  • Mobile solutions (dashboard for CEO, CFO etc)
  • KPI/BSC, dashboard
  • Finance analysis
  • Sales analysis
  • Marketing analysis
  • Stock/Goods movement analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Planning/Budgeting
  • Data mining
  • etc